Business Question: Want to earn from selling Online courses

Salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I Want to earn from selling Online courses. But how? like, I have these thoughts that should I copy some of the content from the internet, categorize them and paste them into my content of the online course? Would this be considered that I am earning money by taking someone’s effort and time in creating content? I don’t know how do teachers create their worksheets, videos, articles, etc.? Of course, at the end of the day, you still need to gain knowledge, which can be also done by learning through reading articles/contents posted on the internet.

An example, let’s say that IFG copies some articles, contents, words, fatwas. from other websites and pastes them into it’s (IFG) website. So, if they were to earn from that money (through halal ads or any other earning method), would that money be haram? (I gave this example because I think this example is similar to my question/situation.)

Jazak Allah khair! May Allah reward you all the highest level of paradise!

I’ll let the muftis respond with their thoughts - but just to confirm:

  1. We always give direct linked references to any fatwa we refer to and adhere to editorial and referencing protocols.

  2. We do not make any ad money or other kind of money directly on this forum.

There are a couple of issues here:

  1. Content use

In copy-pasting the works of others, you should reference those sources. To not reference or quote others and pass it off as yours is academic dishonesty.

  1. Course development

If you reference the sources you’ve used and it all within legal parameters, then it is permissible to offer these courses. You are providing a delivery of this content and it is for the delivery of this material through your platform for which you are being paid for. As you have referenced the content, there is no deception in the subject matter either. So the package of services are free from any shortcomings.

  1. Copy-pasting vs knowledge creation

The copy-pasting phenomenon has become very common nowadays sadly. We need more original content and original ideas if we are to excel.

This doesn’t mean you need to rewrite everything, rather it means you develop the ideas of those before you and add an additional layer which reflects your context but also further extends the thoughts of those before you.

Knowledge is a live project which every generation must nurture, develop and enhance. With the stagnation of original ideas, original thought, layering of knowledge and knowledge creation, we as a community all suffer.

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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Jazak Allah khair for your fatwa! What an explanation! Mash Allah! Truly, we need to focus more in creating content, rather than just copy and pasting other’s work.

Some additional questions, please:

  1. If I would take/copy the texts of someone and provide it’s reference in my course, should I take permission from the “text-provider”? Is it compulsory?

  2. What if the “text-provider” refuses me to copy his content, even though I will be still providing the references to his content?

Jazak Allah khair!

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