Business Question: Memorial Day promotions


Regarding Memorial Day in the USA. Where they remember fallen soldiers etc.

Is it permissible to run business promotions around this day. Eg offering a discount to customers as it’s memorial day which is a public holiday and widely celebrated in the USA.


Wa alaykum salaam,

It is permissible to offer discounts to people on any given day. If you offer discounts on a particular public holiday, that would be acceptable too.

Actions like these can be done for multiple intentions. As long as one has a lawful intention, such an action would be permissible. The famous juristic maxim states:
“Matters are judged according to the intentions and objectives underpinning them.”

Allah knows best

Jzk for your quick reply. Much appreciated. A follow up question comes to mind. Is it then okay to mention something like “happy Memorial Day” seeing as this is not a religious celebration but a cultural one. Would it have a similar ruling to “happy birthday”


We recommend you to ask local scholars in America regarding context-specific queries.