Business Question: Making money from YouTube videos

Dear Muftis,

Is it permissible for one to earn money from YouTube videos where videos are mainly dedicated towards showing their body transformations from gym workouts?


May Allah bless you.
The videos you are making should not involved uncovering the intimate parts of the body. For a man this will be from below the navel to the knees (included) according to the Hanafi school of jurisprudence.

And Allah knows best!

Salaam @Mufti_Billal - as a follow-up, I would suspect that the Youtube algorithm would show advertising related to exercise and that will be out of the content-producer’s control. They will then earn money from those ads…would that be permissible?

My instinctive thoughts are - you are creating content and “renting” out some ad space on your video in the middle to Youtube. They can populate that with whatever they like. So technically okay. But when you’re involved in genres like exercise which may attract a lot of haram ads, best to avoid…

If the ads can be selected by the owner of the video then it is their responsability to chose those ads that are free from haram elements.

If the ads are automatically generated by Youtube, then the money earned from haram ads should always be given away, there is no question about it.

And Allah knows best!

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