Business Question: Affiliate Marketing

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

What is the ruling on promoting products/services as an affiliate marketer where the product/service has a landing page that contains things such as music and images of women?

For example, if you run an ad on Google Adwords for a company and somebody clicks on it, they get sent to a landing page that may have promotional videos that contain music and possibly women in the video etc. describing the product. However customers can buy the product/service without needing to watch these videos.

Is it allowed to send people to these pages as your purpose and intention is for them to purchase the product/service so you can earn a commission and not to watch the videos/images specifically?

JazakAllah Khair

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May Allah bless you

In this scenario, it is permissible to promote those products/services as longer as they are shariah compliant.

And Allah knows best!

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JazakAllah Khair for your response.

What about promoting and selling online courses to others and earning a commission, if the online course has videos of women teaching etc. but the content of the course is permissible such as business, marketing training etc. - would this be permissible?


May Allah bless you.
I would not recommend it as some scholars may not see it as permissible. However I would not consider the earning haram in the scenario described.

And Allah knows best!


I have a similar question to what is written so I thought of writing it here,

I also promote the stock broker that I use due to its many benefits that it provides (copy trading, portfolio maker etc.). However, the broker also has leverage and CFDs. Does that make it haram for me to promote it and tell people that I use that certain broker, or is it considered like the knife example where it can be used in a right way and in a wrong way?

Muhab Hasan


May Allah bless you.

If you are promoting a firm or a person for the halal services or products they offer, then there is not thing with it even though they might be offering other non shariah compliant products.
For example, you might tell your friend or relative to do their shopping at Waitrose because you think they have better fruits products. The fact that Waitrose also sell haram products, does not make you a sinner.

And Allah knows best!

The way I do it is mostly by putting the link of the broker in the description of my YouTube videos without talking about its features in general, is that fine?

But I like the broker because of its halal features (and I’ve mentioned some of them in one of my old videos).

I would mention in the description the halal services you think this broker is good for. Simply to avoid people mis-judging you, believing you are involved in haram.

And Allah knows best!

Assalamualaikum Mufti Billal

I am little bit of worried about affiliate marketing.

there is high demand of affiliate marketing in Make money online NIche. and as an affiliate marketer I am going to like it. in some offer they even offering 100% commission…don’t know how though.
In Health niche most of the product advertise/banner showing women picture to promote…

I really like to earn money as an affiliate marketer but i want halal income , I dont want any haram earning.

Can you please explain, canwe do such kind of affiliate marketing?

Asalamualaikum @Mufti_Billal & @Mufti_Faraz_Adam. I pray that you both are well. I hopeful for some opinions from both of you as I am in need of guidance in this chosen careerpath of mine.

I have recently started Affiliate marketing via email traffic. I would generally email specific demographic who are interested in similar products to that i sell. From my emails, customers will first be directed to my landing page (with my promotion of the product). My promotion will mostly be copy and pasted from the Vendors promotion/advert page. This includes their images/diagrams, claims of financial success using their services and catch words such as “make money using these 3 simple steps!/build professional videos in 7 minutes!” Etc. If the customer is interested they will then be redirected to the vendors page (which has their advert/promotion of the product, to an eventual payment page). I then receive a percentage of that sale as a commission. I will get more commision if they buy other memberships/platinum/gold upgrade to memberships etc. (We call these product part of the vendors funnel):

  1. Is my income halal if the product/service themselves are not haram (i.e. a course that teaches you to make money) and are more likely to be beneficial but as i have not used the service I cannot be sure 100%. There may be a possibility the product may not live of to the expectation which was advertised. Also there is no way for me to know that later down the line they may purchase haram material thereafter from the vendor (which i may receive commission for", which i would not be aware of? Accordingly to Sharlife website advice if I am marketing products with the belief that the products or services would benefit the consumer, it is permitted to advertise them as an affiliate even if I have not tried them. Is this valid?

  2. If the vendors page has unrealistic claims just to sell this product (i.e. make money in 3 days) if i copy and paste these claims on my site is it haram income?

  3. If it is haram, what if i do not include these quotes and try my best to use quotes i believe are more genuine in my own landing page. So basically, they won’t see the more exaggerated quotes (exaggeration can be subjective as an advert may advertise outcomes only some can achieve due to their dedication, whilst others may have seen it as a get rich scheme and expect payment overnight etc.) per se but the customer will see it on the vendors page. Will my marketing be halal?

  4. If this product sells well and has a 30 day money back guarantee, would mentioning this make my advert halal, especially if some of the other advertising is questionable regarding exaggeration. Surely a 30 day guarantee would mean you are giving the customer a chance to enjoy the product and get a full refund if they are not happy and ensure you are not running away with their money.

  5. Just to mention most affiliate marketplace advertise these types of services/and other services, and as they are generelly not run by muslims the adverts will always have catch phrases like “make money in 30 days” which you can never be 100% sure if they are exaggerated but it certaintly does boost the products value in the eyes of our customers (even a car dealer website for example would have keywords that may use words to attract the customer). Is it halal to market products in such a way? Is it haram to mention the good things about your product so that its eye catching? Example: Telling the customer your products disadvantages and saying that someone else’s product is better may be counterproductive for the seller.

JazakAllah for your help as I’m striving to ensure I use the right etiquette to gain a halal income.