Blockchain Project Check!

Asalam Alaykom,
iam looking for a advice if some Project are halal or not like :slight_smile:
Energyweb token
It is hard to keep track of whether a project is halal and whether that project remains halal. Are there any golden rules for people to follow to find halal projects (also in ido, ico phase)? For example defi, yield farming, gaming, music etc must be avoided. But what if an oracle like Dot Network is his use case for Defi? Mr. mufti is there any possibility to have a project checked? Gladly for a fee. It doesn’t make sense if someone thinks this project is ok and invests their hard earned money and later it turns out that this project is haram. Most Muslims cannot speak English to check the whitepaper or projects, so it makes sense if we benefit from your skills and we can get paid for it. Blockchain industry is a unique opportunity and we don’t want to miss it because we put our money into the wrong projects. Ultimately, only what Allah wants will happen. This text has been translated into google translate. If errors are found, please forgive me.
THank you

In case the sheikh wouldn’t see this. Both look halal expect Dosnetwork.
They plan to implent their blockchain tech in casino games, so that everything can be random as possible.

Thank you Omar, the Mufti could very well help us. I have now sold Dosnetwork. A check for the whitepaper can also be paid for it, would be very helpful to start new and small projects(IDO, ICO, or snal cup project)

Salaam, the forum currently doesn’t offer token screening. IFG are launching a crypto course with a mufti, you can sign up to the waitlist here.

Maybe check at Nexthash. They are masters of blockchain and have solved many of my problems related to blockchain.