Blockchain and crypto in the Islamic world

Peace and mercy of God. I want to consult and hear your opinions about ideas or projects that can be applied in the Islamic or Arab world. It could be a charitable organization to help the needy.
Also, how can we use digital currency and blockchain technology in the Islamic world, is there any thought? it can be a fintech startup, tech, or anything that can help change the world for good.
let’s have a discussion…


Prolly a riba free lending/borrowing protocol…

thank you for the responce.
I saw some projects of a riba free lending/borrowing protocol, I don’t know if we could bring something new here.
what about social finance like zakaht, sadaka, takaful.
we all know donation helps a lot of people but we also know, that doesn’t mean these donations can help change refugees and poor people’s lives, so what project we could do that can help these people not starving. what about vertical farming … what do you think do you have in your mind anything else?

Regarding donations platform there are many sites working on internet and not a single of them accepts crypto cuz regulatory authorities wont let them do that if accredited site starts accepting crypto donations that will be huge

And creating an economy where everyone can contribute and earn in return i think blockchain games are already doing that or one can create a social app, website where people do post and get coins of the platform in return

do you have an Idea about banking the unbanked, and using this in the Islamic sector?
I mean what we could do differently from other platforms like Binance and, they have staking, lending, and barrow. what can we do so we can make a unique platform.
in my view, we could make it free of interest riba and some of the fees go to charities or for good causes.
we could create an easy deposit and withdraw money to the bank with a crypto card where you can use it in different places.

Yeah possible but it requires the people with expertise in the field