Bitcoin day trading

Assalamo alaykoum,

It is permissible to day trade in Bitcoin? Does the settlement duration T+2 which applies to shares also applies to Bitcoin ownership?

Jazak allah Khair,


interesting question, on some exchange, you can deposit bitcoin and trade and settlement is in bitcoin as well. I am also interested to know if this is permissible.

I think it depends on where you trade it. The settlement duration doesn’t apply on crypto platforms like binance

I generally use bybit, but it should not matter which platform you use to trade as it is all settled on bitcoin blockchian ledger.

I would really love to see a detailed blog, like the forex trading, for crypto trading. I don’t think the two are comparable to certain extent. Inverse perpetual contract, leverage is also in BTC but quoated in USD…interesting stuff.

I’m also interested to know the answer for this, as you have possession for crypto once you buy it so does T+2 settlement apply for it and why ?

That settlement doesn’t apply in crypto.