Binance staking and future trading

AOA Brother
I want to know about Binance staking is haram or halal e.g (Fix staking or flexibal staking) and also .I want to know about Future trading IQ trading Leverage token and margin trading is halal or haram

Selam Aleykum brother,

I found this article, which takes a nice angle at the question of proof of staking.

Which in theory concludes that it is better than paper money. But it has some part of riba in it. have a look at it yourself.

From the list of IFG halal crypto list, some of them are PoS coins, I assumed generally PoS is fine. But you must look carefully of individual coin in binance staking.

Technically staking can be done individually or through a staking service provider (this could be exchanges or specialized staking companies). What this service does is basically stakes your tokens on behalf of you, and takes some cuts of the staking rewards for their service fee.

For many reasons, staking on your own is not possible, for example, 32 ETHs minimum is required to stake ETH, so these companies provide this service for their customers so that anyone with only has small amount of ETH can also stake their ETH by pooling together all ethereums tokens so together it will be more than 32 eths.