Binance dual investment

I wanted know whether I can invest in binance dual investment, it allows us to sell or buy crypto at a specific date with a specific price strike target.
And it allows to receive high APY(with compounding according to binance) which changes in real time(but locked when a subscription order is placed) and depends on stuff like target price, target date, coin price etc according to binance, it can be 5% to 800% even above(depends on targets etc)

if I choose target price 30k usd for BTC to sell with target time 1 weak with 365% APY,after 1 weak my BTC will be increased to 1.07 BTC from 1 BTC because of 365% APY, and if price target is reached, 1BTC+ INTREST = 1.07 BTC will be sold at market price after 1 weak and i will recieve amount in usd, but if price target is not reached, BTC + intrest will not be sold and i will receive 1.07 BTC back after 1 weak)

I don’t know if that intrest is from halal
sources like staking BTC to mine new coins etc or haram stuff like lending etc i dont think it is from lending service since APY is very high at points, but there is also other haram things and i dont have much knowledge in crypto.