Bank sign-up bonuses

I’ve heard of a US bank that offers a sign up promotion for a checking account that goes like this: “Receive a $300 bonus when you receive a direct deposit for $200 or more”
This bank has no constraint against closing the account right after you receive the bonus, no fees or other constraints at all.
If I close the account immediately, it’s hard to argue that the bank benefitted at all from me signing up.

In that case can the bonus earned be halal?

The bank is only losing in this scenario

I would highly disagree with you, because deposit and direct deposit are completely completely different thing. Direct deposits are not required to be stayed in the bank account. It’s just a pathway to get your paycheck to yourself and bank is acting as a middleman to provide you that money. You’re not loaning anything to bank, you just receiving your money through that bank and it’s not lending at all, so please research on this matter before making any additional fatwas It can misguide people