Assests after 2 wife

Salam alakum I have a question in regards to my husband wanting to remarry and some financial questions
Me and my husband started our marrage 13 years ago with only $400
Together al humdulla we have done quite well together we also have 7 children together ,my question is we did it together everything we have,when the new wife comes how does the financial side of everything work what are mine and her entitlements


May Allah bless you.
It all depends on the arrangement you have made between yourself and your husband. If you feel that you own 50% of the current total assets, then clarify it with your husband.
What ever the percentage is, the other wife has no claim on your assets or your childrens’ ones.

And Allah knows best!

If you feel you have been wronged in any way, then you must consult a mediator like a family member or a local scholar. If you feel you need to take things to a court to protect your assets then you should not hesitate either.
There is no place for injustice in Islam.

And Allah knows best!