Asking about whiteboard animation videos halal or haram?

Asslamu alaikum sir!

I am an online entrepreneur; i have a question about an earning method which is halal or haram?

In Creating whiteboard animating videos we use some objects like these. we don’t draw this by our hand . We put the object in the video it will create an animation like draw the object. Is this halal or haram?

image|676x327 image

it is really a good question but in depends on your way of thinking it is just some technology developments and saving time to drag and drop without making. and in my opinion anything you do if it is not harming some one and taking time doing hard work it is not haram after all it is just a whiteboard video it is nothing serious to worry about.

There was a video on youtube where mufti mentioned using drawings or pics for a purpose is halal like we use currency notes but imo it more like depends on your school of thought