Asking about airdrops

Asalaamu’alaikum @Mufti_Faraz_Adam crypto airdrops play a major role in project growth and learning the core of blockchain projects and many Muslims are involved in this, i am also running a crypto airdrop telegram group with 50,000 people , we do different airdrops on a daily basis, and in my group many Muslims involved in this, but we face different airdrops with different terms and conditions tasks and most Muslims breaking terms and condition of airdrop and involve in haram , there are` so many deferent terms and conditions in airdrops but I explain some of the common use conditions in airdrop and i needed your advice

1 AIRDROPS CONTAINS VARIOUS tasks, FOR EXAMPLE, FOLLOW TWITTER AND discord, STAKING, TESTNET (TEST BEFORE LUNCH) AND MANY SO THEY make a rule FOR EXAMPLE multiple Account is not allowed but 99% percent of people break this limit. And cheat the project and earning money from multiple accounts I think it is totally haram and fraud. please guide me

But many airdrops allow multiple accounts because they wanted to complete tasks no matter how many times you’ve completed them,they have no problem to distribute reward to multiple accounts users which they write in the airdrop terms, or if you ask them they allow you so I think There is nothing wrong with doing it , please guide me

The third is the most confusing and general, it covers a few different things

1 i try to explian some
for example multiple accounts or mutiple trys for big rewards is most common in crypto airdrop 99.9% people involve in mutiples account methods so many projects are silent on this they don’t make limits but also don’t say allow and they know people make mutiple acounts but they don’t take any action and distribute the reward to multiple acount users without any problems so i wanted to know what is the Islamic point of view on this

2 And the second airdrop is held on different platforms and many platforms allow you to create multiple different accounts, they don’t have a problem with creating multiple accounts, so everyone creates multiple accounts. So what do you say about this if a project is given on the platform, will the conditions of that project be followed?

Please give me full guidance regarding this as many Muslims are involved in this, in my group is Muslim comunity is over 20,000