Are SPAC purchases halal?


I purchased stocks in CCIV, a SPAC, after checking whether it is sharia compliant in islamicly. I also messaged on the forums there and received confirmation that it is permissible to buy shares in a SPAC as long as the companies stated target companies are within a permissible industry.

Later on I came across IFGs opinion that SPAC purchases are generally not compliant as they have non liquid assets and therefore you are simply purchasing cash at non par value.

Firstly is this just one valid opinion and Islamicly holds another or is there an oversight on their part?

Secondly, if this is deemed impermissible do i have to sell my shares immediately or do i have 90 days from the time of my purchase?

Note: i haven’t been shopping around for the best opinion, i have consistently followed islamiclys ruling even when using zoyas verdict may have been more financially beneficial.

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Assalam-u-alaikum brother.
Would you please share the link of IFG opinion regarding spac having liquid assets.
Am looking for it.

Assalaam Alaikum Brother,

I believe the CCIV SPAC shares will be for target Lucid Motors company stocks. If this is permissible then can you please share the details where we can buy those stocks?