Are FTMO Earnings Halal

Assalmualiakum wah rah mahtullah.

I hope that you could answe this question I have. I dont want to partake in this if its Haram and its quite important I do see if its Halal or not.

There is a compnay called FTMO. Essentially, it allows you to trade Forex,metals,indicies, crypto etc. You essentially pay a deposit fee to take part in theor trial process and then if you pass the trial you are guranteed to trade for them. I know that forex is Haram due to the settlement date issue and leverage aswell as the overnight intrest charge. I have spoken to them and I am allowed an islamic account (no overnight charge/rollover ) and I can request the account be made into a 1:1 leverage. So if I dont do Fx trading but do the metals and crypto( like BTC) through this route. If I pass they would provide me with a demo account and then any profit I make is split into a 70-30 split to me. Additionally the deposit fee I payed will get refunded back to me along with the first months profit.
So my question is, would earning money like this be considered Halal or Haram.
Heres a link to the website and I can provide screenshots of them stating that I can get a 1:1 account with no overnight position.


FTMO® - Forex Traders Wanted

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JazakhAllah Khair for your time.

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Assalaamu alaykum,

Forex is generally not Shariah compliant. Even the so-called “Islamic” accounts are not free from problematic elements. Metals are generally traded through CFDs which are not compliant. Conventional Indices are not Shariah compliant as they also use prohibited investments to gain exposure to the indices. Cryptos need screening before any investment.

Given the above, I would be very concerned of such a platform if there is no Shariah review and screening of investments on this platform.

Assalaamu alaykum,
They dont do all cryptos they do a few like btc nd ltc. Which are halal from wat i have heard. Additionally although the islamic account on its are not halal but if I have a 1:1 leverage on that account then could that be permissible?

jazakallahu khairan brother Danial, I have similar question. please help us answer the FTMO question considering the points highlighted; no leverage and no swap

Assalaamu Alaykum,
Could you please tell us about trading stocks with FTMO ?
I have learned that 's a DMA ( direct market access). what’s you opinion ?
Jazakoum allah kahyran