Arbitraging using Futures

Salam Alaykum brothers.

I am Ghadaffi, from Malaysia and I am currently developing a crypto bot hub/marketplace. I plan to host as many Sharia compliance bot within my platform.

My first question here would be related an arbitrage bot system.
If the bot buys spot in Exchanger A, and short selling the same token but in Futures contract in Exchanger B, for the purpose of taking profits out of price discrepancy, will it still be haram?

I understand that Arbitrage itself is fine, as long as we are trading with sharia-compliant coin/token. But what about the short selling process on Exchange B? It was not intended to actually ‘short’ the market, but more to arbitraging between 2 exchangers.

I would like to thank in advance to anyone who can clear my confusion about this.