Any Halal DeFi Projects?


I am reading that Decentralised Finance (DEFI) which uses blockchain technology, has the potential to disrupt traditional finance.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any halal DEFI projects that can be invested in, especially at this early stage?


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I don’t think there’s any Halal defi out there, reason for this is that defi is based on providing interest based loans to the users and that is also where they generate most of their underlying value.

Simply not true if one understands true intrinsic,tangible and intangible value like Love, Respect, Time, space, energy, Life, God. All these things we know to be real, can’t quite touch and yet are infinite.

So what would be the point of accumulating harm interest?

Well it’s simple really the devil and he’s tricks who got us thinking all that I’ve just made mention of is not real like God and love or that nobody respect your time, space and energy. But God do because he created you, so stick with the books, Quran and Sunnah, that are here to guide you.

We just don’t believe in ourselves anymore, that’s why we’re so afraid, hesitant to make any move thinking everything is haram, as suppose to making everything halal and work in our favor.

God works for me… not the devil.

Make Islam a halal interest to the rest of the world. Solve a global problem by giving humanity a halal solution and watch how interested they will be… by the way “they” is the devil plus man which equals democracy. So the devil knows Islam but is giving it a bad name so focus on man who doesn’t quite understand.