AMC Stock and Investment

Salam @Mufti_Billal

A bit of an issue I’m in and needed guidance on what is the most correct method to choose.

So I recently got into the AMC scene and made a good chunk of profit. However the recent death of my father has really made me gravitate towards dean so I will like to do what’s correct.

With a stock like AMC can I simply purify the sales of the business that are deemed permissible and donate the rest to charity?

The initial option I chose involved selling my AMC stocks and to use that money to purchase another stock . This involved using my principle investment and profits from AMC towards this other stock. Shorty after a few days I realized that this was the incorrect move. To correct this I made niyyah to sell at the following day at open and simply use my principle to purchase the same stock. However at this time the stock price fell allowing me to own more stock .

At this moment in time I had sold my amc shares and kept the profit locked in my account which I do not intend to use untill further clarification is given to me

My personal opinion is to use option 3 to completely sell my stocks with amc profit and to rebuy that same other stock with my principle investment. The only problem I have with this is that the gain I made with purchasing the same stock at a lower price. However my niyyah was made and I did not even think about this until a friend brought this up to my attention . Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone who can assist will be greatly appreciated