Amazon Wholesale FBA

Aslam O Alikem,
I want to start Amazon wholesale FBA, but I’m very confused in one thing. Please help me. I want to earn halal Rizq.

Q: What is Amazon wholesale FBA?
A: It is the business in which you purchase and the sell products of different brands…

So, first of all we have to search the profitable products by applying different techniques and once we found our profitable product. We have to search wholesaler/supplier/distributer of that product and we Contact them to get an approval. Because without approval we can’t sell.

The thing in which I’m confuse whether this type of lie is acceptable in Islam or not is that, Most of the time the good wholesaler/supplier/distributer, from where we have chances of getting good profit product, don’t allow us to sell on Amazon due to some reason. In this case, in order to increase the chances of getting approval, we make our own website, and when the wholesaler/supplier/distributer ask us about our selling channel, we show and tell them that we have our on website on which we are selling and we want to sell your products on our this website too OR our priority is this website and sometime we will sell on other E-commerce platforms like Amazon and ebay. But, we know that we are showing and saying this just for getting approval. If we get approved we will just sell on Amazon.

So, this thing is Acceptable in Islam?

And one more thing, after approval we will not hurt them. We purchase from them in a proper way, they takes margins, and we take margins and resell in a proper way. Means, we are not disturbing his business. Just for getting approval we say lie.