Alternative to Zoya

Salam everyone,

I use Zoya as the initial research for Halal companies but they dont have any UK companies or other.

Is there other alternatives anyone else is usking.


Salaam, @Kibria! Creator of Zoya here. Just dropping in to let you know that we’re testing UK stocks at the moment and are aiming to make them available in Zoya within the next few weeks, insha’Allah. :slight_smile:


You can check an app Called “Islamicly”. They have some good features than Zoya.

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Good News
If I may comment, I find Zoya relatively most strict than others, although they still miss it on some companies.
On the negative side, Your limitation to US Markets, It would be crutial to consider extending to worldwide not only UK
Good Luck

Any further news on this Saadm?

We’re aiming to submit the app update containing UK stocks to App/Play Store later this week. Assuming it gets approved, we should be live by sometime next week inshaAllah.

JAK for the update, looking forward to it

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Fantastic. Cant wait to try Zoya for UK stocks too

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