AJ Bell: HSBC Equity Index Fund

Assalaam 'alaikum.

InshaAllah I would like to invest in the HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index Fund IC. Is this the way to go aout it:

  1. Open AJ Bell Stocks and Shares ISA
  2. Specify the aforementioned fund
  3. Make the deposit into the ISA

A few questions:

  1. Given its a stocks and shares ISA one can make a penalty free withdrawal at any point in time?
  2. I can mix and match funds whenever I want?
  3. Assuming the funds are sharia compliant there is no need for ‘purification’ calculations?
  4. How would I calculate the zakat?
  5. AJ Bell charge between £1.50 and £9.95 - is that per deposit into the ISA or on some other basis?
  6. Are there any other fees/charges involved?