Affiliate Marketing

Asalamualaikum. I have recently started Affiliate marketing. Customers will first be directed to my landing page (with my promotion of the product). My promotion will mostly be copy and pasted from the Vendor’s advert page. This includes their images/diagrams, “claims of financial success using their service” and catching words such as “make money using these 3 simple steps!/build professional videos in 7 minutes! Etc”. If the customer is interested they will then be redirected to the vendors page (which has their advert/promotion of the product, to an eventual payment page):

  1. Is my income halal if the product/service themselves are not haram (i.e. a course that teaches you to make money) but i have not used the service so I cannot be sure 100% that this may be misleading product or it may lead to customers buying haram later of which i am not aware of? Accordingly to Sharlife website advice if “I am marketing them with the belief that the products or services would benefit the consumer, it is permitted to advertise them as an affiliate even if I have not tried them”. Is this valid?

  2. If the vendors page has unrealistic claims just to sell this product (i.e. make money in 3 days) if i copy and paste these claims on my site is it haram income?

  3. If it is haram, what if i do not include kt in my own landing page per se but the customer will see it on the vendors page. Will my marketing be halal?

  4. If this product sells well and has a 30 day money back guarantee, would mentioning this make my advert halal, especially if some of the other advertising is questionable regarding exxageration. Surely a 30 day guarantee would mean you are giving the customer if a chance to enjoy the product and get a full refund if they are not happy.

  5. Jusy to mention most affiliate marketplace advertise these types of services/and other services, and as they are generelly not run by muslims the adverts will always have catch phrases like “make money in 30 days” which you can never be 100% sure if they are exaggerated but it certaintly does boost the products value in the eyes of our customers (even a car dealer website for example would have this). Is it halal to market products in such a way? Its not haram to mention the good things about your product so that it’s eye catching right?

JazakAllah for your help as I’m striving to make sure I’ve left no room for Haram by taking up affiliate marketing.