Affiliate Marketing using music Halal?

Assalamualaikum I do Affiliate Marketing and will sell through short-form videos.

My videos don’t contain music as of now (I use halal beats), most of my videos are value videos motivating people or giving advice.

Other Muslims have told me it is okay to put music in the background if it has no bad message and the overall video provides value to people.

They also said it’s not 100% clear whether musical instruments are halal or not.

Could you please give me a clear answer on whether I can use music in my videos or not? (with music I’m not talking about Rap or HipHop or something)

It is fascinating how music can better boundaries, including those of culture and religion. Halal music is not only enjoyable but also respects Islamic principles. A story writing agency in US could explore the cultural significance and beauty of Halal music through engaging narratives. Such stories could enlighten and entertain audiences, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for diverse musical traditions.

So what is considered halal music? Some say music with no bad meanings others say no instruments which one is true?

Walaikum Assalam, this is great! Your dedication to ensuring your content aligns with your beliefs is commendable. While the use of music in your videos might still be a gray area, your focus on providing value and motivation shines through. It’s inspiring to see creators like you navigating these nuances. In terms of venture capital 2024, investors might appreciate your ethical approach to content creation, potentially supporting ventures that prioritize authenticity and integrity.