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I am just getting started on a career and am fairly young (24) so looking to invest long term into a good islamic fund. I have seen the HSBC funds but I am not confident in its focus on the tech sector. I have been researching an active fund from Almalia Sanlam. I am from the UK so was wondering if what the difference are between the two options AJ Bell provides:

  1. [Almalia Sanlam Active Shariah Glb Eq ETF] ( - LSE:AMAL
  2. Almalia Sanlam Active Shariah Glb Eq ETF GBP (LSE:AMAP)

Any clarifications on the differences and which one I should (as a UK investor) invest in would be so helpful!


Assalam o alikum @mannysanny

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The first link does not work for me but I suspect that would be the USD version of the same fund. Considering you are a UK investor, its best to buy the GBP version as AJ bell will charge you ~1%FX charge if you buy the USD fund and pay in pounds.

Before you actually do decide to invest in an active fund (typically have very high fees), I would recommend two videos to see what history has shown on Active Vs Passive fund.

  1. Best Strategy For Stock Market
  2. Active vs Passive Performance: S&P’s Andrew Innes On His Index vs Active Report

If Tech concentration is a concern, an alternative is MSCI World Islamic Index - a thread elaborating the two funds can be found: Selecting an ETF

Its really good to see that you are starting your Investment Journey at an early stage - well done. you may find the below post helpful.

Financial Education: Investment TIPS for Absolute Beginners

Good Luck

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