Accessing sharia Compliant Funds

Assalam alaiykum Dear Scholars,

how do a start up company into business acquisition access halal funds. this has been our issues for months now we have great relationships with traditional finance institution the only draw back is the Riba clause.
how are we supposed to structure deals to comply with shariah?

everything has been great but this challenge is our current obstacle.
any advice and insight will greatly assist us set a standard of following our innate philosophy of obeying Allah in our transactions.

what are our option in here in the Uk


May Allah bless you.
If you wish to structure shariah compliant deals please visit for assistance.

If you are a startup and are looking for financing, then you might wish to look into the option provided by Islamic Finance Guru. Please see the following link:

Kind regards

Assalaamu alaykum,

What are you looking to structure specifically?

jazakallahu khayran jaza
Mufti Billal may Allah bless you and your household as well.
we will get intouch with them promptly.

walaiykumusalaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Mufti Faraz
we have a business selling for £2million pounds
we have financial partners willing to fund the project up to 1.5 million but there’s is yearly interest for 6 years that is the duration of the loan to service the debt.

Is there a way to structure the loan to delete this debt servicing.
perhaps my question should be is there a way to borrow finance to comply with sharia ?

Wa alaykum salaam,

Yes there is a way to structure this, you are welcome to email me privately and we can discuss this further.


I am Eager to find out ! will message you right away. jazakallahu Khayran Jaza