Academic writing

Is academic writing haraam in Islam?

Academic writing is doing assignments and projects that have been assigned to university students. What i want to know is that if someone is working as a freelancer who takes money and puts in his efforts and hardwork to do those assignments and projects tobgive to university students. And also he has no problem for if the student changes name and uses it for his own use.

Is this haram earning? As far as i know the writer has put his efforts in compiling, researching and writing the project. And that project can be for someone who doesnot study and pays for getting his assignments.

I am so worried about it as I have done several projects for university student and dont know what they did with those projects. Is it unlawful earning. Am i killing the rights of other good and hardworking students whobare with them.


May Allah bless you.
If you know for sure they will use it in a wrongful manner then you should not help them.
Otherwise, not everyone would automatically submit the work of a third party as their own. They might use it for inspiration before they write it themselves.
My advice is to carry on what you are doing, but have a disclaimer saying that you are not encouraging people to pass your work as their own.

And Allah knows best!

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