About money donation

Assalamu alaikum. I need to know about money donation. I know if some one has some haram money he has to donate that money to poor. But my question is can this money be given to non muslims too? I live in a muslim majority country. 1) There are many organisations who organize to feed poor people. Sometimes among this people some non muslim may be available. Can i donate money to them?.
2) the organisation mainly has Muslim voulantier but some nonuslims also work with them. Though the head of the organisation is non muslim. So if one donate his money (for sadaka, or the haram income money) to this organisations and they proceed to feed the poor people, orphans, elderly people etc then will it be valid according to sharia?

Wa aleykum salam

You can give haram money to poor non muslims, just like you can give voluntary sadaqah to them too, even if its a non-Muslim charity.

And Allah knows best!

Thank you. May Allah bless you.

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