A question on gaming platforms, staking and career chocie

Assalamalaykum, I have noticed that there are many esports/ gaming platforms that are emerging which are also allowing users to earn money.

So instead of just playing games in free time and not getting anything in return except entertainment people can nowadays actually earn money by livestreaming games or contributing to these platforms such as the ones mentioned below

Please let me know whether its permissible to earn money using these platforms in our free time (I’m not saying not as a source of permanent income but when one is having spare time)

Secondly. I have read about staking and I just wanted to what is the criteria that makes it permissible to stake coins cryptocurrencies how can I know which project is halal to stake in

Lastly is it permissible work as a blockchain developer

I look forward to hear a response from the team InshAllah


As far i have researched invest in the game which is halaal and there are many factors which determine if game is halal (you can watch videos on youtube about it)
And coins are like lets say shares of a project when you hold them in smart contract i-e: staking you get a share of whatever the project earns over time like dividend so I don’t see any haram factor in it
Imo only thing that matters is the coins you are buying do they represent a halal project or haram
Allah knows best!