A little confused with the HSBC Global Equity BC

So I’m new to investing and plan to invest 10k in this fund with AJ Bell. What would be the best way to do this?

According to the charges calculator, investing in it would incur over £600, £550 of which is the initial charge. Is there any way I can avoid this initial charge?
Secondly, if I deposit £300 a month into this as regular payments, would I also incur a hefty initial charge on a monthly basis? (£16 in this case) Or will I only be paying the £1.50 dealing fee?
And if I don’t have to pay the initial charge in that case, wouldn’t it make more sense for me to split the £10000 into monthly payments for the first 3 months?

Sorry if these are dumb questions, I am new to this. Jzk :slight_smile:

Salam Aliya,

Not sure if you are still looking for a response on this but the initial charge is waived - I have spoken to AJ bell in the past and they confirmed that the initial charge is not applied and as their calculator is picking up the standard data from external sources (I think morning star), it just comes up.

For your peace of mind, invest £100 as a test to be sure - i am invested in this fund and did the same at the beginning to be triple sure :slight_smile:

it should just be £1.5 dealing charge regardless of the amount invested.

If you have invested already - then great, sit back and leave it for the long term, if not then maybe split £10k in say 3 instalments as the market is a bit volatile at the moment.

Good luck