A letter to Wahed invest

Ive sent the follwoing email to Wahed invest, to be honest im not expecting a good answer.

I hope this message finds you well.

I was exploring investment alternatives and considering your ETF as an option to BlackRock’s iShares and HSBC, given my concerns about their apparent support for Israel. However, upon reviewing your ETF, I noticed that it includes companies that seem to be involved in activities contributing to the genocide in Palestine, particularly concerning actions in Gaza.
Companies including Nike, Intel, Coca cola and others.

I am writing to express my deep concern about these holdings and many others to inquire if there are any plans to review or adjust the ETF’s portfolio. It would be reassuring to know that the investments align with ethical considerations, and I believe such a review could make your ETF a more suitable choice for investors like myself.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to any insights or updates you can provide.

Best regards,