A few questions regarding stock investment


I just started with stocks and have some questions:

  1. As you might know, the stock market isn’t that good performing right now. Overall I have more losses than gainings. However, there are some sharia-compliant stocks where I am still profiting a bit. I was wondering if still need to purify these stocks, although most of my investments are going down?

  2. When I buy a stock and after 1 year it isn’t sharia compliant anymore and I am at a loss, can I wait until I have my capital again and then sell it? Or do I have to sell it immediately when it became non-sharia compliant? Is there a grace period?

  3. The picture below confuses me. I was thinking that only interest needs to be purified when selling a sharia-compliant stock like for example Tesla (5% max.).

Thank you.

@Mufti_Billal Could you please shed light on this matter? JazakAllah.