A bank card with an interest requirement

I opened an account with a global bank that provides a Visa card, to be used in online shopping or payment, and more …
But among the bank’s conditions, a monthly subscription is paid to the card, with an interest of 0.05%, which is added in the event of delay.
However, after researching it, it became clear that this interest is not added to the subscription rights, but rather in exchange for other services .
But I deal with the card only and I do not benefit from other bank services
Therefore, can I deal with the card while avoiding services that impose interest in the event of delay?

Assalaamu alaykum,

There are two views among scholars about getting a credit card that has an interest clause.

The view of my teachers is that it is permissible if such a facility is needed, one should do everything possible to avoid interest charges.

Allah knows best