2 jobs at the same tine without any conflict of interest

Aslaamu Alaykum

I started a permanent job earlier this year as a Manager but in 1st week, I felt that expectation is to work as an analyst and ended up in a fight with the hiring manager as I never applied for an analyst role. I started looking for a role in parallel as I realized that I may struggle here in future. I am in the UK and most of the work starts from 2:00 pm onwards as the entire team is US based except the outsourced team from India.

I found a contract role after 3 months and started working in parallel with the permanent job. There was no clash as the contract role only had meeting in morning and few follow ups via email. Permanent job was only starting from 2:00 pm onwards.

Instead of resigning, I though to continue as much as I can. In US, My Manager fired my equivalent as he was also struggling with the same issue i.e. hired as a Manager but expected to work as an analyst. It was my turn now but I survived as my Manager was not sure about the UK laws and I manage to have a backup anyway i.e. contract role.

My question is that ethically/morally and most importantly in Islamic terms, am I doing anything wrong here as I`ve a feeling that I should tell my employers that I am doing 2 jobs simultaneously but then there are chances that both of them may fire me and I may not left with any of the options…

Now the current situation is that:

Permanent - job is ongoing but I am still not allowed to act fully as a manager. I am now considered as a coordinator which I take as an improvement and also my manager is moved away from his role as he was not capable to work as a lead. I am not sure how the role will turn around once the new lead will come in next few weeks.

Contract Role - May end up at anytime as the project is not moving forward at all but the actual contract is till the end of March.

What should I do here so I don`t have any guilt later in my life that I did something wrong. One thing is for sure that there is no overlap/conflict of interest in both of the roles.