Zakat on Equities in US - Tax Question?

When I’m calculating my Zakat for my shares in stocks or even crypto, how would I take into account that that money is not the exact amount available to me should I wish to cash out today. I’d have to pay taxes, (15% for assets I’ve held longer than a year).

For example, I have 1 BTC valued at approx 60k as of last night. If I were to cash that out, I’d be liable for 9k (15%) in taxes. So when calculatint my Zakat would it be on 60k or 51k?


May Allah bless you.

Because the tax is not a liability yet, you cannot deduct it from your zakat calculation.

Therefore, in the case of BTC, it is fully zakatable.

In the case of shares, it depends on why you purchased them for. If your intention was to hold them for dividend purposes, then you can pay zakat on 25% of its total value.
However, if you purchased the shares for trading purposes, then you must pay on the full market value on your zakat anniversary date.

And Allah knows best!

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