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Assalaamu 'alaikum and Welcome!

This is a fatwa forum that collates the best Islamic finance fatawa from around the internet in one place.

Often people get confused between the various fatawa and in not being sure which ones to even given credence to. Most fatwa websites are also usually not experts in finance and investment and no fatwa website will have someone providing a commercial and practical insight too.

We aim to address both those issues inshallah.

  • Our resident experts and Islamic finance specialists Mufti Billal and Mufti Faraz provide their commentary on each topic.

  • IFG provides a commercial perspective to the whole discussion.

  • You can find out all of our backgrounds here and on this thread.

Each fatwa is its own thread. Please keep all related questions to the relevant thread.

Please note that on some topics Mufti Billal and Faraz (and IFG) might hold differing views. That’s fine in Islam and the purpose of this forum is to help people get multiple perspectives and make their mind up after considering different angles. You can choose to follow whichever mufti’s opinion you like where they differ.

Here are 3 of our most popular fatawa to get you started:


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