Too late to invest?


I am 36 years old (37 in Oct). I’ve just come across this website now and although I’m so excited by the potential opportunities a part of me feels demoralised that I wish I was given this sort of advice in my early 20s. If I start building my portfolio now is it too late in the day to expect any real add value returns and what should my portfolio look like based on my profile below? Any advice would be welcomed.

Married with 2 young children
Do own a house (Unfortunately on conventional mortgage)
Have about 11k invested in Pakistan in real estate
Earning around £60k a year
Am able to invest 1k per month

All I can say is… never too late to invest! :grinning:

walikum as salam @yousaf1920

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NO its never too late :slight_smile:

There is a lot you can potentially do but it will all depend on your personal goals such as education for kids? retirement planning/pension? any big financial commitment on the way?). Once you have an idea about that, then you can work on the financial strategy by choosing the appropriate asset/investment allocation.

Search this forum with every goal you have and I am sure a lot of info will come out - a good place to start could be below.

Financial Education: Investment TIPS for Absolute Beginners

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Wa alaykum salaam brother

It’s not too late to start, don’t worry. As you are under 40, you could also look into at Lifetime Stocks and Shares ISAs (LISA)- this is where the government add 25% to any amount that you invest, and you can withdraw it all tax free from the age of 60. You would need to select your own holdings, however if you are considering a longer term investment, this may be a good idea.

Here’s an IFG article around LISAs


Jzk for the info @Nawaaz. I do have a private workplace pension where the company contributes 6%, wouldn’t I be better increasing my contributions to that instead of a LISA as any contributions I make to that would be after tax but the pension contributions would be before, therefore getting better bang for my buck?

Yes, good point, I referred to MoneySavingExpert about this previously and it does state that a workplace pension is a much better option than a LISA. Just try to ensure that your workplace pension is invested in a shariah fund where available for a defined contribution scheme. My pension is a defined benefit scheme so works differently.

A LISA could be a viable option for your spouse if she isn’t currently working. My wife is currently on maternity leave and so I set one up for her.


Yes, I actually changed it the other day to the shariah HSBC fund, after watching IFG video on youtube :slight_smile:

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