Stock for partial non-compliant ctivities

Assalam Alaykoum,

I have been searching for a while for convincing halal stocks but i am a little lost with respect to how strict is ativity screening

As an example, the Blacck Rock iShares islamic ETFs are considered to be the reference and most halal investment funds use them (like Wahed). Bu when I see the holdings I find companies like Facebook (earning on all kinds avertisments and content), or Alibaba and Amazoon (selling almost every thing including non-halal), or Nestle (producing non halal food) - and these are just samples which make loose trust

Can you please helop locating the most strict funds that would be most serious (in my persolan opinion) in halal activity screening

Thank you and baraka allaho fik - may allah reward you


I am not sure if
has Facebook, Amazon or Alibaba, (which are considered questionable by some) but it has Nestle, which I think only makes vegetarian food so it should be fine (although I am not 100% sure on this one).

Thank you for your reply
I have two other major concern, if I may ask your help regarding the following:

  • Advertisement with partial naked women, like with women beauty products with PROCTER & GAMBLE or MERCK & CO INC
  • Airline companies serving wine and non halal food onboard - which is considered as a vital accessory to their business

Baraka Allaho fik Chaykh