Steps to Transfer Emails from cPanel to DirectAdmin

Transferring your important emails and data is crucial to prevent accidental deletion, hacking, and other online threats. While there are many email backup tools available, not all are secure, user-friendly, preserve data integrity, and keep your information private. To address these concerns, developers have created the Advik Email Migration Tool. This tool ensures to transfer cPanel emails to DirectAdmin with complete copy of your mailbox. It supports over 210 email services and allows you to transfer cPanel emails to other cloud-based accounts. The tool offers advanced options to backup all or only selected emails from your account.

Follow these simple steps to transfer cPanel emails to DirectAdmin.

Download and install the migration software on your computer.
Launch the software and go to the “File” tab, then select “Webmail.”
Enter your cPanel email ID and password in the “Select Email Source” section.
Choose “IMAP server” from the saving options list in the “Select Saving Option” area.
Enter your DirectAdmin ID, password, IMAP host, and IMAP port number.
Click on the “Backup” button to start the migration process.