Starting to invest

Salam Alekom,
I am new at the investment platform, I am not from UK, so I was interested in knowing where I can find investments without any fees for international investors.
In addition I find it hard to plan a strategy for Investment; I am interested in investing a small amount and will be for 3-5 years investment and not a high risk, meaning that I do care not to lose the money.
I would really appreciate the Help
Thank you

Walikum as salam Aya,

Please refer to Financial Education: Investment TIPS for Absolute Beginners which you may find helpful.

If you want to be cautious then maybe 80% in bond funds and 20% in equity - there are few ready-made portfolios such as vanguard / wahed that can give you ideas for your asset allocation.

All the best

Hi Zeeshan,
I am exploring investing and in particular in startups, I’m a full time employee. I have some initial questions that I hope you can help with.

Regarding EIS/SEIS - if I were to invest in startups that are eligible for these tax breaks how long do I have to hold the shares before I can get the benefit of the tax breaks?
in my situation how would I get those tax breaks in practical terms i.e. do I need to contact HMRC and inform them? where can I find out the process?
I’m aware there is Loss Relief for capital investments in startups, how does one qualify for that? would I qualify for it? I read somewhere you have to be in the 45% taxband to qualify, I pay 40%?
Look forward to your reply, Jzkallah khair

Hi Mab,

Sorry, I am not into startups so would not be able to help - I am sure if you search on this forum or in fact IFG’s angel syndicate, there would be a lot of info around this.