Signing a contract but not fully adhering to the terms due to faith

Assalamualaikum, I have a query about halal income and contracts.

I recently signed up for a course in order to learn a specific type of psychological therapy that is licensed and tailored only for women. I have made a deposit but have not yet commenced the training.

The creator of this therapy has developed a ‘script’ as part of this which enables successful healing and the results have been very effective. Clients or anyone who provides this therapy will be sued if they disclose this to the public by the owner.

There is one sister who is already licensed in this field and has said to me that she has had to amend the script so that it is tailored towards Islamic values and is free from shirk. She therefore only takes on muslim clients and the therapy is effective none the less.

When I made the deposit I signed a contract with the owner that I would not change the script, therefore if I go ahead with the training I would most definitely need to amend the script to avoid shirk. I would also need to pay an annual membership fee.

As I would need to change the script, I would like to know if that would make the income from this business haram as I am not adhering to the terms of the contract?

The owner has already made an interest free consideration on the course fee however I am ready to walk away from it if there are any religious concerns.

Jazakallahukhairan for reading.

@Mufti_Faraz_Adam, @Mufti_Billal