Is crypto assets Staking permissible?

Salaam alaekum @Mufti_Faraz_Adam;
Is it permissible to stake crypto assets and earn ROI on them? The companies use different wordings like Reward or Interest to describe the ROI to the asset owner who carried the risk of trusting the asset to the staking platform.

There are 2 forms of staking I have come across -

  1. crypto asset is locked and inaccessible to you for a period, with different ROi based on how long the asset is locked.
  2. crypto assets are not locked and you are allowed to withdraw the asset anytime (soft staking).

Example of these types are on (which also has an exchange coin CRO) exchange.

To be specific on the crypto assets for staking, I am keen to know if staking CRO coin on is permissible in either of the above forms.