Investment Allocation Help


I have spent a good few days equipping myself with the content on IFG. Notes overload! Over the last decade or so, I have consistently accumulated savings in a basic account but did not do anything more with it. Lack of awareness is the honest answer.

I am now 32 years old and would like to invest approx. $15-17k (less emergency funds) across the various assets:
Alt assets
LISA (for emergency funds?)
And possibly a foreign investment too as I plan to not have it all in GBP.

My long term goals: property purchase, quit 9-5 one day InShaAllah (working on creating alternative income streams).

Would I better be off seeking the services of an IFA to execute the above since I have left this rather late? I basically want to catch up to the point where I should have been if I started on time!

Jazakallah in advance for any advice.


Walikum as-salam Iram,

Its never too late to start something - May Allah bless you in your investment journey.

Have you seen this post? - Financial Education: Investment TIPS for Absolute Beginners

You should get a lot of answers with the 6 short video series.

One thing i would say is to keep it simple when you are starting out. Identify your time horizon for investment and do the allocation based on that.

Have a look and feel free to through any questions you may have.