Intention - Zakah - Clarification

Assalaamu Alaikum

I needed some help with Zakah on something where the intention is unclear.

A few years ago, Zayd started earning and accumulating wealth in his bank account. He was looking for something to invest in. Eventually he came across Yielders so he invested 1k with them. He also invested 1k with Wahed.

At the time of investing, Zayd was not even thinking about resale etc. His only intention at the time of investing was that he didn’t want his money to lose value sitting in the bank.

Does Zayd need to give Zakat on this 2k?
If so how much?

Jazaakallaahu khairaa


May Allah bless you.
It depends where the money has been invested. What was the underlying investment in Yielders and Wahed?



Wahed is invested in the following:

  1. iShares MSCI World Islamic ETF Dist (USD)
  2. iShares MSCI EM Islamic ETF Dist (USD)
  3. Franklin Global Sukuk USD W Dis
  4. HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index IC
  5. The Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC
  6. Cash

Yielders is all invested in a number of properties which are rented out.

Jazaakallaahu khairaa