HSBC Investment Account in Dubai, New to Trading

Hi Team

I am new to investing / trading and living in Dubai originally from Pakistan

I tried checking for investment opportunities in Dubai other than real estate ( real estate requires high initial investment which i don’t have )

Inquired about Sukuks and in Dubai minimum investment is also too high for Sukuks hence couldn’t opt for it as well

Then opened a trading account with HSBC middle east and need advise from your end which company i should invest in, which could provide 7 to 8% return approx or even lower

Since i am doing this for the first time so i am bit sketchy / hesitant that’s why inquiring from your end for a safe advise to start with and once confidence builds up maybe i can explore more options

Many Thanks for the support and guidance in advance



Assalaamu alaykum brother,

We do not provide investment advice. We would encourage you to learn more about investments on our website and consult a financial advisor before investing.