How to Make Money for Your Masjid Thread

Salaam all

We did a presentation on this topic just now sharing a few ideas on how this can be done.

I am creating this thread so others can contribute their thoughts too and so that we can all benefit and keep this conversation going.

The presentation we did is available here.

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Asalamu Alaikum is there a recording available along with the presentation?

Salaam all, good seminar @ibrahimkhan.

Lots of good food for thought for masjids to consider different funding streams.

There is an opportunity for regional council of mosques to validate & consolidate expertise/experience in generating different funding streams (& reducing running costs) and then replicate that across masjids in their patch.

I noticed the video has gone live but the links/information/suggestion from the chat is obviously not included. Do you still have access to it and if so can you post the relevant useful suggestions/links in this thread?


As mentioned on the recording ( another potential income source is gift aid from charity qurbanis.

Masjids can offer charity qurbanis to congregation members so they can

  1. Claim gift aid on the entire value of the qurbani. At 25% of the charity value this would equate to over £40 per Qurbani per congregation member. Note: ALL of the meat must be given away for charity or community event and NOT for personal receipt/consumption. If the donor received two-thirds back then the masjid can only claim gift aid on a third i.e. around £13, so a loss in optimal income of around £27.

  2. Receive the charity meat back to distribute to the poor/needy locally or cook & feed for poor/needy locally in their area. Note: If they don’t have the resources to distribute EQF can do it on their behalf - see below.

  3. Facilitate the performance of an important ibadah locally in the UK in order to help those locally in the UK.

Our core business EQL performs charity qurbani and distributes the meat for many charities. You can read the recent blog here to see where we distribute

If anyone has any further queries I can be contacted on [email protected].


Allhamdullillah we have invested in Buy to lets and receive rental income to help run our Masjid my simple advice to those whi would be keen to get started on this is raise money as Thawabe Jariya and buy a property you can work within a budget in Midlands we can get started with roughly 100k and gives us approx 5k a year income.

On Utility we have a contact who manages our bills and shops around for the best deal etc