How to Import EML to Office 365 in 2024?

Here I am looking for the best possible solution in 2024 to import my EML files into Microsoft 365 proficiently. Therefore, feel free to share any solutions of yours.

If you wish to import EML files to Office 365 in 2024, the manual process involves the downloading of an EML file converter and the installation of the software, selection of Office 365 as the location to export the EML files, and finally, the inputting of your Office 365 login information. On the other hand, there are tools such as Shoviv Import EML to Office 365 tool which can ease the process of import and provide functionalities like import in bulk amount, filter by date, extract attachment etc. It’s free demo version allows users to process the first 50 items per folder freely. Try it and see the difference yourself.

Import your EML data to an Office 365 account instantly by the use of EML to Office 365 migration software This utility gives 100% effective and error-free results. EML to Office 365 Importer allows the users to export single/batch conversions of the files with all the attachments embedded in them. Softaken EML to Office 365 Importer supports all the available Office 365-based email clients. It is a user-friendly tool that provides a hassle-free platform to the users to perform the operations. It preserves all the meta properties and data integrity of the files intact throughout the migration process.

The best method to import EML to Office 365 in 2024 would be a professional third-party tool Weeom EML to PST Converter, not a manual method.

Import EML to Office 365 Manually

Step 1: Use Outlook

  1. Open Outlook: Launch Microsoft Outlook.

  2. Create New Folder: Create a new folder to organize EML files.

  3. Drag and Drop: Drag EML files into the new folder in Outlook.

  4. Export to PST:

  • Go to File > Open & Export > Import/Export.

  • Choose Export to a file and select Outlook Data File (.pst).

  • Choose the folder containing your EML files and export them to a PST file.

Step 2: Import PST to Office 365

  1. Upload to Office 365: Use the Microsoft Office 365 Import service.

  2. Network Upload: Follow the instructions for network upload, including mapping the PST file to user mailboxes.

Import EML to Office 365 using Weeom EML to PST Converter

  1. Install Weeom EML to PST Converter: Download and install the software.

  2. Add EML Files: Launch the tool and add EML files or folders containing EML files.

  3. Convert to PST: Select the target for conversion as PST and configure any settings as needed. Start the conversion process.

  4. Import PST to Office 365:

  • Use the tool’s built-in feature to directly import PST files to Office 365 mailboxes.

  • Enter Office 365 credentials and map PST files to respective mailboxes.

  • Start the import process and monitor progress within the tool.

This method is faster and ensures data integrity compared to manual methods.

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To Import EML to Office 365 in 2024, use the TrustVare EML to Office 365 Converter tool. This application converts bulk EML files into Office 365 file formats without any loss of data. It also converts EML files to Office 365. It is compatible with all email applications that use EML files, including Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Power Mail, Eudora, Outlook Express, and Apple Mail. This application work on all Windows OS versions.

Importing EML files into Office 365 in 2024 has never been easier, thanks to the SameTools Cloud Importer Tool. This revolutionary tool provides an easy solution to send all your email directly to your Office 365 account from various email clients like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird etc. Selecting only the desired EML files in a streamlined process, mapping them to the corresponding mailboxes in Office 365, only With a few clicks and starting the journey With its user-friendly interface and features den therefore, the Cloud Importer tool ensures smooth and efficient transfer of emails without compromising data integrity or security.