How can I auto-delete duplicate emails in Outlook?

To auto-delete duplicate emails in Outlook, you can use built-in tools and third-party add-ins. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Use Clean Up Tool: Outlook has a “Clean Up” tool to help remove redundant messages. Go to the “Home” tab, click on “Clean Up,” and select either “Clean Up Conversation,” “Clean Up Folder,” or “Clean Up Folder & Subfolders.” This tool will move duplicate emails to the Deleted Items folder.

Rules and Alerts: Create rules to manage incoming emails. Go to “File,” select “Manage Rules & Alerts,” and create a new rule that identifies duplicates based on criteria such as subject, sender, or date, and automatically moves them to the Deleted Items folder.

Third-Party Add-Ins: Several add-ins like “vmail for Outlook” or “Deduper” can automate the process of finding and deleting duplicate emails. Install the add-in, and follow the prompts to scan your mailbox and remove duplicates.

Using these methods, you can keep your Outlook inbox clean and organized, saving time and reducing clutter.

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