GME - Gamestop - IFG article

Asalam alaykum,

I decided not to buy gamestop based on the Zoya app rating of shariah non-compliant

But this article suggests its permissible (ignoring the market manipulation aspect)

Could you please give more details on the differences of compliance?

JazakhAllah khair

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AA: I had the same question while reading the article.


May Allah bless you.

I hope the link below answers your question:

Kind regards

Asalam alaykum

JazakhAllah khair for your reply Mufti

Yes, this was mentioned in the article, however my question was about the share itself whether its halal, because I saw that it wasn’t on the Zoya app but somehow the article seemed to suggest it was…

Salaam - to clarify we didn’t run a sharia screen on the stock itself. I agree with Zoya that the stock itself is not sharia compliant at this stage.

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