Ebay Dropshipping


I need your advice. I have watched your vides on Dropshipping but still need clarification on the specific business I am doing with dropshipping.

I am planning to do an Ebay Business only doing dropshipping from a wholesaler in China who specializes in dropshipping and they have a very good reputation. When I post items for selling I will describe the item as accurately as possible, display how long the shipping will take etc. The wholesalers in China will prepare and package the items to be sent and they will send me a tracking number for which I will then provide to the customer. With regards to the price, I will offer free shipping, however in the price I will add shipping price. For example I am selling a t shirt for £10 which will include £3 delivery within the price. Not sure if this is allowed. I want to do this because of Ebay Algorithm of whereby they promote listings with free shipping and that people from a psychological aspect would most likely buy items that has free shipping.

Is what I am doing going to be sufficent to be halal? Really want to make a side income. The reason why I am resroting to dropshipping, is because I would sell items on ebay in the past however, I had issues on stock storage as I would have limited space to place products. Plus if I do well with dropshipping, I can scale my ebay business even higher and perhaps use the money to get into private labelling on other selling platforms like Amazon.

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