Do I take back my trading fees when selling no-compliant Stocks

Salam Alaykoum,

I have to sell stocks that are no more compliant, when taking back my original capital, do I cover for my trading fees or take back only the stock price at the origin ?


  • I bought a share with 100£ + 8£ commision, so it costs me a total of 108£
  • I sell my stock for not being compliant. Shall I take back only the original 100£ (share cost), or cover for my total loss including commision which is 108 £ (share cost + fees) ?

Thank you and baraka alaho fik

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May Allah bless you.
You will take back only the capital i.e. £100

And Allah knows best!

Salam Alaikoum,
Thank you chaich for your quick response,

Within the same contexts, may I include dividends earned from the same non compliant stock to reach for my original capital ? My idea is to sell asap and not wait for the share to reach my buying price

I bought a share with 100£, earned a dividend of 5£
Now I sell the non-compliant share with 95£, and keep the dividend of 5£ to reach my original capital of 100£

What about if the dividend comes from another non-compliant stock ?

Thanks and Baraka Allah Fik